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For the better part of 40 years, our elected officials have been arguing about securing our southern border, with no resolution in sight. Over these several decades, America has absorbed untold millions (some estimate as many as 20 million) of illegal aliens, along with the numerous problems one might expect, not the least of which, is an estimated $100 billion (possibly more) in unplanned annual costs for social services. This apparent intransigence is indeed puzzling, because every president since Ronald Reagan has spoken forcefully, and repeatedly, for strict border security!

So what exactly is the problem? It now appears crystal-clear that there are at least three (competing) hardened positions: First, this group is hoping for out-year votes they expect to receive from the illegals as payback for government largesse; second, this group wants dirt-cheap labor, as much as they can get, our economy be damned; and third, the last group just wants a leak-proof border, and our present immigration system revised (fixed), to a simple merit-based system (meaning both for skills and need (numbers).

The subject is one of the key issues that helped elect President Trump. As most are aware, Trump has an offer on the table for consideration, and agreed to reopen the government for a three-week period in an attempt to reach a negotiated settlement with the Democrat leadership. In the event an agreement is not reached by Feb. 15, Trump will issue a Presidential Executive Order (PEO) claiming a “national emergency” and move funds from various government agencies to proceed with his border plan. In such an eventuality, the Democrats would probably seek help from a liberal federal judge (likely the 9th Circuit), to issue an injunction. Such a challenge would most certainly be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court for final resolution, and I’m certain President Trump would prevail.

Of course this battle is all about the 2020 general election. The Democrats do not want to give Trump any wins at all, and I submit that fact is patently obvious, because both Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi have both voted (several times in the past) for bills that approved far more than Trump is requesting now. If Trump were to cave in to the Democrats, he’d lose most all of the conservatives in both houses of Congress immediately, as well as his base within weeks; his presidency would effectively be over, long before the 2020 general. Conversely, if he stands firm, even if he only has minor wins, he’ll be a viable candidate in 2020. If he has some big wins, he’ll win in a landslide. For a man that has everything, Trump has nothing to lose by standing firm. Our first installment on the 2020 general election may well be on the front pages in a mere 19 days. Stay tuned.

Mike Latham


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