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Once again Eric Bibler has decided to twist the facts to suit his own narrative.

As a bonafide resident of this town I find it offensive that someone who just owns property in Hopkinton would feel qualified to address the problems in this town. 

I find it troubling that Hopkinton Citizens for Responsible Planning has an address of 31 Old Hyde Road, Weston, CT 06883.

It would appear that this is his home address. Coincidentally, prior to the last election, Mr. Bibler was not registered to vote in Hopkinton, nor was his vehicle registered in Hopkinton. Currently that appears to have changed.

As for “reckoning havoc on our community, threatening our quality of life, and lowering our home equity,” I think not! 

Once again, not based on fact. ONLY HIS PERCEPTION! 

There are numerous studies on solar installations and home values. Houses before and after solar installations were constructed are in the study. None I could find showed a loss of equity. One of the most concise was done by Patricia McGarr, national director for advisory service at 

“Imagine ... downward equity value by 5% 10 % or more.” The key here is the word “imagine” ... that’s what it is. Imagination.

No study I could find supports his statement. Again, twisting facts to suit his narrative. 

As for his rhetoric on “ illegal zoning change,” that’s his opinion until it’s challenged in court and proven it’s not fact. Two independent findings have been done for the last two solar projects, and neither one felt it was inconsistent and not allowable within the comprehensive plan. 

Again twisting the facts to suit his narrative. 

As for his attacks on council member Capalbo, he states she had “ improper private communication with the developer.” That’s his opinion. That does not make it a fact. 

He also states “terms were finalized outside of public hearings.” What facts show the details were finalized in private? Maybe the exact wording of the terms, but not the premise. We all watched in public as she squeezed everything she could out of Southern Sky. All residents of the town would benefit from her negotiations. She should be thanked.

The 400, 500 or 600 residents whose signatures he claims to have on petitions would also benefit. 

We should all ask this question. When people signed these petitions, what were they told? A person who signed one did so because she was told Agent Orange would be sprayed on the Brushy Brook Site. That is where this has gone. Change the facts to fit your narrative.

As regards Mr. Bibler’s quote, “... threatening our quality of life”: To people who live here, more taxes is what threatens our quality of life.

Hopkinton is not Weston, Conn. The money here does not flow readily. The 2016 census said Weston, Conn., had a median household income of $208,000. Hopkinton’s is $55,132. Problems there don’t quite equate here. 

Every large parcel of land in “our town” has the potential for a large housing project. That is a real threat to the “quality of life” for Hopkinton. If too many houses come too fast, taxes will go up and up. The quality of education more than likely will go down. The town’s infrastructure will be burdened. 

All — yes, all — the residents of Hopkinton should consider the facts before jumping on the “Bibler Bandwagon” of half-truths. 

Bill Bergan

Hope Valley

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Half truths seem to flow freely here and I find it offensive to suggest that anyone who owns property in Hopkinton doesn’t share equal property rights. Hopkinton Citizens for Responsible Planning doesn’t have an address. It is not an entity. It is a group of concerned Hopkinton property owners seeking to preserve the rural character of our town as expressed in our town’s Comprehensive Plan.
You didn’t look hard enough if you didn’t find any studies indicating the impact of industrial solar facilities on home values. And, the town didn’t pay for any independent findings on illegal zoning changes relative to the last two solar projects. Who sponsored those findings?
My stomach turns when I go down Alton Bradford Road and see what Southern Sky’s solar installation is doing to our town’s landscape. I don’t want to see over 1000 acres in our town turned into that (17 of those around town), which is what the “Landowners Rights” petition asserts to allow – “utility scale solar developments, in areas of the town, regardless of zoning”.
I did not buy my property here to live among industrial solar plants – they are not farms, or parks, as some developers like to call them, and zone changes from residential to commercial violate all nearby property owners’ rights.

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