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Tis the season for shopping. I’m talking gorcery shopping, and those dang shopping carts . It’s like being in Vietnam — a combat zone. Especially on Sunday morning with the little old ladies driving them. Remember, no license required, and no physical exam.

To put these carts away, an act of Congress. They must be separated — try kicking them ... the four wheels never work. The fourth wheel is always going in the wrong direction. And they squeak, big-time. Did I tell you, they have no seat belts? And the supermarket aisles aren’t built to accommodate two at a time. And of course everyone is always in a hurry, because the ice cream and produce is going soft.

And last but not least, no brakes. So everyone is running into you, hitting your back and tearing off your shoes.

Who do we contact about this problem? The police department, perhaps? A charge of reckless driving? How can I steer the cart and read the caloric content on the package? Go figure.

Gloria J. Birchell


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