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As a 13-year owner of a condominium in town, I was very upset to hear that I may not be able to purchase the town beach pass.

Funny, I am required to pay the same amount of tax as everyone else that lives here full time. Funny, I am required to contribute to the schools through my taxes,even though I have no children going to school here. Funny, I don’t put extra stress on the roads for six months of the year! But I am not considered part of the town, and I am not allowed to go to the same beach as my neighbors and friends?

I love this town. That’s why we moved here. I was not informed that we had to live here all winter to be allowed to park at the beach I have enjoyed for 13 years!

I hope the town council will represent ALL of the Westerly community when making the decision about beach parking!

Perri Keefe


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Roy Family

This is well said. Our kids have grown up there. We are residents of Timber Creek and while our taxes aren't as high as some other part year residents, we still pay them. Our girls work at the Town Beach and love the people and the job. I'm sure they can still work there, but for us to have to go elsewhere just doesn't see right. I would also point out that the snack stand will take a huge hit in sales I would guess. Great food, great people and a great beach! I hope the council considers all stakeholders.

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