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Please read the Chariho School Board’s Code of Basic Management Principles and Ethical Standards for School Committee members at the following link:

A great deal of fuss has been made recently about the newly elected (or politically installed) members of the Chariho School Committee. Let’s take a look at the people who want to squeeze every last penny from the school system. They are:

A self-declared domestic terrorist who once sued the school district.

A person who seems to have no idea how the district works, but who publicly scolds other adults when they disagree with her viewpoint.

Two people who have had almost nothing to contribute at School Committee meetings.

One person who pays attention and is actively trying to learn how to be a functioning board member. He can disagree without being disagreeable, which is increasingly rare in this world. Good on ya, guy.

A person who has been forced upon us by the Richmond Gang of Three. This person owns a private school and has spoken at least once at a far right group whose leaders were at the Jan. 6th “peaceful demonstration.” This person also claimed, when he was being interviewed in “The Dugout,” that the district was hiding parts of the curriculum from parents, which is utter nonsense. If you doubt this, go to the Chariho website and see for yourself how transparent the Chariho administration has been and will continue to be.

Five of these people were elected (or not) for one reason: to gut the Chariho school budget and redirect our tax dollars to private and charter schools. They do NOT “accept and encourage a variety of opinions from and communication with all parts of the community.” They do not “avoid criticizing employees publicly,” nor tolerate disagreement of any kind. Don’t believe me? Try talking with them. They are profoundly disinterested in any opinion other than their own.

School Committee members have also pledged to “avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using the committee position for personal gain.” The newest board member, the one rammed through despite the will of the people, owns a private school and is a huge proponent of charters. His was clearly a political appointment. His very existence on the board is a conflict of interest.

These five new members have no intention “to promote harmonious working relations with all School Committee members and school staff that are based on mutual respect, fairness and openness.” Theirs is a scorched-earth agenda; their town leaders can’t figure out how to run their own towns properly, so they mislead the public into believing the schools are completely to blame. Granted, good education doesn’t come cheap, but perhaps these leaders should clean up their side of the street before attempting to destroy one of the finest school districts in Rhode Island.

Christopher Fee


The writer is a former teacher at the R.Y.S.E. Academy.

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