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For those of you who may not remember or weren’t around in the run-up to Obamacare passing, Jay Lustgarten was the local “expert” on that subject. Time and time again he filled the editorial pages of The Sun with how great Obamacare was going to be. How did that work out, Jay?

We ended up with huge ever-increasing deductibles along with ever-increasing premiums and copay cost; exactly what the bill was designed to do. Didn’t we, Jay? All you had to do was read the bill (like I did) or use a little common sense to know Obamacare was a lie. Jay didn’t do the former and lacks the later.

To be clear, Lustgarten knows as much about the Constitution and the law as he did about Obamacare. In other words, he knows nothing about either subject. All Jay can do is regurgitate Democratic and media talking points, just like he did with Obamacare.

Personal tax returns have nothing to do with government oversight or reform, and the House Committee on Reform and Oversight or for that matter any other congressional committee does not have the authority to subpoena personal tax returns. Only the IRS can release someone’s personal income tax data with a court order connected to a legitimate criminal investigation. It’s that pesky Fourth Amendment thing. There are laws are in place to keep people like Barack Obama, Lois Lerner and Jay Lustgarten from conducting witch hunts or to prevent government agencies from persecuting private citizens over their tax returns. Two of these people have already violated those laws and the third person wants to violate the laws.

So Jay, Trump will go to court, if he has to, and he will win. The Democrats will never get Trump’s personal tax returns and I am willing to put my money where my keyboard is. If Trump is forced to release his personal tax returns, I will send a $200 check to The Sun to be forwarded to any nonprofit organization of your choice. You will do the same if he doesn’t have to release his tax reforms. And again in the interest of full disclosure, my choice to receive your check is the NRA. What say you, Jay?

The IRS has audited Trump’s tax returns multiple times, if not every year over the last 10 years. They love to persecute high-profile people like Trump. The fact that the IRS hasn’t speaks volumes about what the Democrats’ call for Trump’s personal tax returns are really all about. Anyone with an IQ three points above a rock should be able to figure that out. Democrats want to conduct TV “show trials” of Trump and his business partners.

Oh by the way, Jay, Hillsdale College has online courses on the Constitution and, unlike Gina Raimondo’s free — actually taxpayer-funded — college, the courses are totally free. There is a catch. They actually require some effort. You might want to look into those courses.

Phil Gingerella


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Shame on you Westerly Sun, why do you provide a platform for those who are argumentative and suffer from mental instability??

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