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Let us all be quietly still, letting our Valentine’s spirit breath comfortably and easily, making the inner and outer surroundings soothingly soft. Let the wholeness of spirual and material life be in balance with natural law, whose workings are going on 24/7 in nature’s home of all the laws of nature. Fortunately, this home is inside all of us, deep within everyone’s divine heart and soul, for us to call upon, not just on happy holidays and holy days like Valentine’s Day’s traditional season of wishing good for each other, but all yearlong celebrations.

We deserve much love, just by virtue of being born pure and beautiful in the immaculate eyes of God. Forever in togetherness, we are growing into heaven on earth. We are all thanking each other for the big help we are bulding up in a happy way all the time.

Everyone everywhere can feel like the writer of this letter, because we all need some cheering up. World peace is for all to enjoy, something inspiring is always welcome.

William S. Marr


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