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Page B8 in The Sun on Feb. 24 was 100% dedicated to food, but it 100% lost an advocacy opportunity for what the world needs now — love, sweet love of a vegetarian diet. It will help reduce your carbon and water footprints, belt size, heart disease risk, contribution to pain, abuse and suffering of fellow animals and enables you to switch sides to be part of the solution!

Meat might taste good and provide monetary joy (Google “Best Ever Speech” by Gary Yurofsky), but its impact extends far beyond the chew, chew, chew, swallow, and it’s not good. Chew/swallow joy can be found in so many items that do not impact innocent animals, but its joy should only be experienced in limited quantities, as 2,000 calories per day consumption provides a finite capacity, in spite of the plethora of options.

Black Lives Matter and yes, All Lives Matter, including innocent animals. But the right wing Blue Lives Matter response was irrefutably exposed to be the hypocritical sham we all knew it was on Jan. 6, when right-wing insurgents stormed the Capitol, overrunning Blue Lives with no concern whatsoever. None. Please see Charles M. Blow’s wonderful New York Times column on Feb. 15, titled, “Blue Lives Matter is over” and The Westerly Sun Oct. 1 letter “Hypocrisy is the byword of Republicans.”

Food choices vary on the nutritional value, taste, price, convenience and morality spectrums, but there’s little variation to the wrongful immorality of inflicting unjustified pain and suffering on other feeling, sensitive and living beings that want nothing more than what we all want and deserve: to live life the best way we see fit while not reducing others’ ability to do the same. As “Impossible Foods” and “Beyond Meat” now battle it out for dominance of the non-animal meat market, we can all feel good about the amazing alternatives that now exist, providing taste and nutritional benefits while eliminating the abusive pain and suffering and climate-degrading impacts that a carnivore diet delivers ... impossibly true and beyond the pale indeed!

Jay Lustgarten


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