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Residents of Rhode Island Senate District 34 deserve Jennifer Douglas to be their new state senator. Jen is a health care worker who sees firsthand the struggles and concerns of our community. She has not yet been elected but has already been working in partnership with the Rhode Island Political Cooperative in developing policy papers to address issues affecting Rhode Islanders, including fair taxation, single-payer health care, $15 minimum wage, affordable housing, and quality education for all regardless of zip code. Jen supports renewable energy that does not sacrifice our beautiful landscapes.

Jen Douglas believes that all people should be treated equally, regardless of skin color, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. She does not believe that if someone is different than the majority that they should have fewer rights. She speaks out against discrimination and social injustice, as she did at the Black Lives Matter rally that was organized by Chariho students in June.

In contrast, the incumbent, Elaine Morgan, has repeatedly voted against bills that would insure equal treatment and rights for all. For example, she voted no on the Uniform Parentage Act; voted no (twice) on a bill to increase the state minimum wage; voted no on a bill that establishes abortion procedures as protected state law; and voted no on a bill that prohibits gender discrimination in insurance premiums. Sen. Morgan has made derogatory statements against Muslims and proposed keeping Syrian refugees segregated in refugee camps. She protested the removal of statues that glorify the Confederacy. And let’s not forget that during the current COVID-19 pandemic Sen. Morgan has aggressively fought against a mask mandate despite scientific evidence that wearing masks helps to protect both the wearers and those with whom they come in contact.

I am not satisfied with the incumbent, who does not support Rhode Islanders who do not share her ultraconservative views. That is why I am voting for Jen Douglas, who runs on a platform of inclusion, equal justice, and preserving your rights. She will stand up to promote a better life for residents and to protect every Rhode Islander from discrimination. Jennifer Douglas deserves your vote, too.

Kristen P. Chambers


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