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Regarding “Biden advisers to meet vaccine firms as Trump stalls handoff” on the front page of the Nov. 16 issue of The Westerly Sun, Mr. Trump finally “learning” that Joe Biden will become president in January is not quite Shoichi Yokoi learning in 1972 while hiding in Guam that the Japanese lost World War II 28 years ago. Mr. Trump assumed the presidency nearly four years ago with the hope that the office’s awesome responsibilities would humble the man, but instead, we got Trump humbling the office.

His unique style most certainly will create a unique legacy (first imprisoned former president?) that might include raising Attorney General and Supreme Court positions to elected office. Did Trump sink to the level of Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois governor convicted for selling Obama’s 2008 Senate seat (whom Trump pardoned earlier this year, apparently using up the compassionate bone in his body that was unavailable for the 250,000 American COVID-19 deaths)? Anything is possible, which includes changes to our government that help remove the hyper-partisanship now infecting our politics.

Everyone pays taxes (unless your name is Donald Trump), which provides everyone with an interest and a right to have a say in determining how their tax dollars are used. But when critical positions that affect everyone’s life are reduced to base pandering or pay-to-play depths, change must occur that would equally benefit Blue Donkey Democrats and Red Elephant Republicans. Utilizing technological advances that have propelled the Triple A (Apple/Alphabet (Google)/Amazon) trio to knock on trillion-dollar door valuations, we can conduct elections via smartphones in hours at lower costs and less inconvenience for many positions that currently fall prey to partisan politics.

Our Constitution provides a great framework for aiming toward democracy and justice, but it cannot eliminate the flaws of human involvement that harnessing our technological advancements can help us overcome.

Jay Lustgarten


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