Letter: Thanks to Attorney General Kilmartin for pursuing oil companies in court

Thank you to Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin for his “David” resolve against the “Goliath” oil companies as detailed in his editorial “Big Oil firms knew exactly what they were doing” in The Westerly Sun on Friday, July 13. Kilmartin’s pursuit is not made any easier by the current “Contaminator in Chief” wanting to drill-baby-drill off all U.S. coasts (more than 400 miles of shoreline in the Ocean State) with Environmental Protection Agency administrator nominee, coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, a no-brainer from President Trump’s destroy-the-environment lobbyist Rolodex.

The death threats against his predecessor, Scott Pruitt, apparently became too much. We are all 100 percent dependent on the Earth’s charitable air and water, whereas the Earth keeps spinning 24/7, indifferent to its human occupants. Recognizing this truth that acknowledges our earthly dependence, as true in Rhode Island as anywhere in this great country, how encouraging to see earth defender Kilmartin try to protect our livelihoods, quality of life and wildlife with a lawsuit where 100 percent of the wildlife is innocent.

Rachel Carson’s 1962 “Silent Spring” watershed was an environmental awakening that this administration ignores at the world’s peril. Climate change may be overwhelming, but the political climate change that’s put Mr.-Go-it-Alone Trump in the White House, a Republican-controlled Congress that allows him to proceed unchecked and unbalanced, and a Supreme Court swing that’s rebalancing unchecked corporate power, we’re paving the way for U.S. demise if Congress doesn’t do a November flip, and human demise with an Earth indifferent to congressional control or human misbehavior.

Jay Lustgarten


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