It’s amazing that in a country with many eligible candidates for the presidency, we come up with two individuals, who, at the present time, are the front-runners for high office, and, for the most part, all they have been doing is waging a negative campaign against each other and skirting the many issues facing our nation.

I have been voting since I was 18 years old (that was many, many moons ago) and I have heard the same old story about tax reform, lower taxes, accountability, more efficient ways to run programs they administer, etc.

Our elected officials know what is broken and what has to be fixed at the federal, state and local level. Many who are elected are truly dedicated and try to change the “good old boy” network.

However, the big spending lobbyists who represent special interest groups get in the way.

Speaking of lobbyists, I have yet to figure out why the National Rifle Association spends millions to keep gun laws the same. What is wrong with a deeper background check and why should anyone, except the military and police, need an assault weapon or an automatic rifle? To do what, kill a rat? The association’s response to gun violence is basically, people kill people, not guns; however, there are people who shouldn’t have access to guns. Such was the case in the massacre that recently took place in Orlando. I know we can’t stop all the violence, but at least we can try.

And, speaking of violence, it aggravates me to no end to watch, on TV, members of ISIS riding in the back of a pickup truck with a mounted machine gun, causing countless killings of little children, men and women, and raising havoc throughout the world. With all the technology and weaponry we possess, can’t we seek and destroy the enemy? But somehow, in a more civilized way, there will be peaceful solutions to put an end to all the violence throughout the world.

In November, may we the people elect a leader who will work with other countries to find peaceful solutions to the problems of the world and secure a better quality of life for everyone. God bless America!

Antonio P. Trebisacci, Jr. Westerly

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