Editor’s note: At the end of each year, The Sun provides an opportunity for area school superintendents and municipal leaders to reflect on the year and, if they wish, discuss plans for the new year.

Since the spring of 2018, the town and council have been inundated with solar projects for review. These projects have consumed the town, town council and planning board.

I don’t want to speak on behalf of the current town council or past town council members, but it may be safe to assume if we knew of the resistance/issues the projects would present, maybe the ordinance would not have been created in the first place. The town council is in the process of amending the current solar ordinance in a more restrictive way. Those details are being finalized.

As for the balance of the accomplishments, I am most proud of the town joining the multidistrict litigation against the distribution of prescription opiates, the Langworthy Field renovation project, the setting up of the town Tree Committee and the police accreditation.

The multi-state litigation will take years, perhaps, to settle, but it’s important to hold the drug companies accountable.

The Langworthy field project cost over $800,000 and the project was fully funded by various grants mainly through RIDEM. This project will give young families a safe, clean playground for years to come.

The Tree Committee may sound like an unimportant accomplishment but we have thousands of trees that are in need of pruning or should be cut down mainly due to infestation. This will also help to mitigate some power losses we experience more often hopefully.

Lastly the police accreditation achieved this year confirms the department’s commitment to serving the community better. It also will put in place best practices for the department and reduce liability associated with police work.

Frank T. Landolfi is the Hopkinton Town Council president.

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