Lucy Hargraves

Lucy Hargraves

As the town will be replacing the heating and ventilation system at the senior center this week, there will be adjustments to the center schedule. The back half of the building will be closed as units will be places through the ceiling. Everyone will be entering through the front of the building by the center office, including bus riders. Please be careful parking and backing out of parking spaces as bus will have to operate against the flow of traffic. Classes, meetings, and bingo will be held in rooms only in the front of the building. When you come in, you may check with the workers in the front office where activities are being held.

Congratulations to Irene Bessette, Rosetta Johnson, and Sue Melanson, who will be joining the Board of Directors in July. As Irene, Rosetta, and Sue applied for the three available seats, there was no need for an election. They will be replacing Peg Fraser, Carl Jerard, and Ann King, who will be leaving the board in June.

Congratulations to the winners in both shuffleboard leagues. After a competitive season in floor shuffleboard, the team of Carl Jerard and Cecile Salonia emerged as the championship team by edging out Jim Varas and Mary Armstrong. The banquet to celebrate the season was held at the Steak Loft.

The table shuffleboard season ended with a spirited championship playoff game between Wednesday championship team of Captain Terry Routhier, Tony Trebisacci, Gabby Gaultney, and Ryan Gulluscio defeating Tuesday’s championship team of Captain Ann King, Ken Jones, Kay Lallo, and Kathy York in a best of three playoff. Also announced at the banquet held Tuesday at the Brick Oven was that Ken Jones was hanger champion with 23 hangers for the season.

Although floor shuffleboard will not meet again until September, those who would like to play in the ten week summer shuffleboard league are encouraged to sign up on the list posted outside the center office. The organizational meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 11, at 1:15 p.m., and play will start of June 18.

Calendar Club sheets for the month of June have been sent out to members. Winners will be drawn at the noon meal Monday through Friday and checks mailed to the winners.

There are still spaces in the June 7 AARP Safe Drive class. Elaine Squadrito from AARP will be teaching the refresher class for those who wish to take advantage of discounts offered by their insurance companies. You may register at the center office. The fee is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-AARP members.

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