I am confused,

I’m not amused,

Since Dr. Seuss’ books

Have been abused

I cannot eat,

I cannot sleep,

It’s been proclaimed

That he’s a creep

We cannot revel in Cat in the Hat,

We can no longer have any of that.

The cat is black, the hat has stripes,

That’s racial injustice, can you say, “Yipes?”

And Chinese kids who eat with sticks

Have gotten society’s social nix,

You read the story as a kid

Just like so many others did.

Your view of the world’s now sorely tainted

And old Dr. Seuss is now ill-painted

I cannot think,

I cannot drink.

What’s next to go?

I do not know

Behead some statues, and you will see

Our door will close on history.

I do not like revitalization

Like Wizard of Oz in colorization.

The day may come with quite a fight

They tint Scarlett black and Mammy white

I do not get it,

I refuse to sweat it,

They even pick on toys,

Mr. Potato Head’s gender

Nearly came to an ender

Eliminating parts of girls and boys.

Cancel culture’s run amok,

Picking apart has gotten us stuck.

What once was casual, easy, and fun,

What was our history is now undone

Oh, the things you can find

If you get off your behind.

But brains in your head

And feet in your shoes

Don’t allow you to change whatever you choose.

Racism and bigotry is often a rumor,

We have definitely lost our old sense of humor.

You’re on your own, know what you know

But why do cherished traditions just have to go?

The good Dr. Seuss wrote only to teach,

So why did his family give in to the screech?

Racism in kids was never inherent,

Usually it’s taught right from the parent.

You’re on your own,

And you know what you know

But social media rules

That our history must go.

A person’s a person, no matter how small

But Seuss’ lessons are destined to fall,

Now everything’s a target and subject to rebuke

Cancel culture attitude just causes me to puke!

I meant what I said, and I said what I meant

This stuff is B.S. 100%

Writer’s note: Although it was the Seuss family who pulled the six books in question, it was the pressure of social media that fueled the international fire and caused the hew and cry. Hasbro, originally caving in to the ridiculous rantings of sexism regarding Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, have since acquiesced, and only the branding on the packaging will now change.

Rona Mann has been a freelance writer for The Sun for 19 years, including her “In Their Shoes” features. She can be reached at six07co@att.net or 401-539-7762.

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