WESTERLY — The School Committee voted 6-0 Wednesday to end the school district's employment relationship with longtime Westerly Middle School Assistant Principal Stuart List. The School Committee did not name List but The Sun has determined he was the subject of its vote.

School Committee Chairwoman Diane Chiaradio Bowdy said the vote to end the employment relationship was based on Superintendent of Schools Mark Garceau's recommendation "on grounds that [the assistant principal] is unable to perform the essential job functions of assistant principal with or without accommodations."

On Thursday Garceau confirmed that List is no longer an employee of the school district. He also confirmed that List had been on an extended leave and had not been present at the school yet during the current academic year. List's tenure in the district extends to about 1995, Garceau said.

A decision on how to handle the new vacancy will be made after the School Committee discusses a consultant's report on the district's special education services. Garceau said the report is likely to lead to consideration of changing administrative support across the district. The School Committee is expected to discuss the report later this month, Garceau said.

Garceau said he is confident the school will run well despite the vacancy. The school assigned department head status to some teachers this year as a means to improve learning.

List could not be reached for comment.

Chiaradio Bowdy was joined by committee members Christine Cooke, Rebecca Greene, Marianne Nardone, Mary Adams and Kristen Sweeney in voting to end the employment relationship. Committee member Tim Killam did not attend the meeting.

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