NARRAGANSETT — The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council will offer a free tutorial on its new coastal hazards application at a workshop on Jan. 15.

The app is accompanied by a new online viewer and a worksheet, which will now be required for many CRMC assent applications, including new builds, expansions, tear-downs and rebuilds located on or near the coast.

The new app will help property owners assess risks from future flooding, storm surge and erosion. The CRMC website describes the app and its accompanying viewer as informing applicants of coastal hazards “for specified projects in the design and permitting process for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council.”

At the workshop, staff members will guide attendees through the worksheet and viewer, explaining when the app will be required during the permitting process and how to fill out the worksheet. CRMC spokesperson Laura Dwyer said policy and permit personnel would be on hand to answer questions.

“The workshop will be a detailed walk-through of the Coastal Hazard Application form: where to find it, when to use it, what information is needed to complete it, and how to use the new Coastal Hazard Application Viewer to step through the process,” she said in a written statement. “Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of CRMC policy and permit staff as we lead them through the exercise. The hope is that going through the app will demystify the process and help users understand how it works.”

The workshop, which will take place on Jan. 15 at 3:30 p.m. at the University of Rhode Island Bay Campus’s Coastal Institute auditorium, is open to the public but will be of particular interest to consultants, engineers, current and prospective CRMC applicants, coastal property owners, and municipal officials.

More information on the app, worksheet and viewer is available on the CRMC website: 

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