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STONINGTON — A North Stonington woman is facing charges after police said she fled from the scene of an accident on New Year's Eve that destroyed a light pole along Route 1.

Britney Ann Daigneault, 32, of 247 Denison Hill Road, was charged Wednesday with evading responsibility in an accident causing damage to property and failure to drive to the right. Daigneault, who turned herself in after learning that theh police had obtained a warrant, was released on a promise to appear in New London Superior Court on Jan. 18.

A police report said that Daigneault was westbound on Route 1 at about 11:15 p.m. and crashed head-on into a light pole in front of the Chelsea Groton Bank at 116 West Broad St. in Pawcatuck. The pole was knocked to the ground.

Daigneault left before police were notified, but officers recovered evidence that tied her to the incident, including damaged portions of the car that were left behind.

— Jason Vallee

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Seeing the headlines I was expecting a description of carnage and physical damage to people or at least exploding tanks in gas stations etc. This is what freaks me out about sweet small towns in America and their 'home town papers'. So while this woman was obviously guilty (MAYBE) of drinking too much and leaving a scene (MAYBE) her name is forever linked to being a sloppy drunk. Was it a slow night in Westerly? Have you ever made a mistake? If so did you mistake earn the right to be splattered on the front page of the Sun's web page? What a charming story and how desperate the media is today to find something wrong on a holiday. Why not bring her in and make her pay for her damages and then take her drivers rights away for six months? Make it effective and not embarrassing.

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