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STONINGTON — Small business owners and those overseeing regional LLC companies are being asked to remain on high alert after a new scam demanding fees to register the LLC with the state.

The latest scam uses documents that appear similar to Connecticut forms, but officials said it asks that payments be sent to a non-government entity.

According to Stonington police, numerous businesses in the community have received the scam document, which is headed with the phrase "2019 - Annual Report Instruction Form." The form, which is being sent by mail, calls for LLCs to submit a check for $110.00 to "Workplace Compliance Services."

"Connecticut laws require every limited liability company authorized to transact business in the State to timely file an annual report every year," states the letter, which was shared to the Stonington Police Department Facebook page on Monday. The form then states that the business is a year behind on its annual report and must submit the report and payment immediately or risk being dissolved.

The state does have registration and annual reporting requirements for LLCs, Secretary of State Denise Merrill said in a press release — but all business goes through her office.

“Businesses registered with the state of Connecticut are only required by law to file annual reports with our office,” Merrill said. "The Secretary of the State is Connecticut’s chief business registrar. There is no legal requirement for any business to file the form they received from Workplace Compliance Services, or to pay the inflated fee indicated.”

Stonington police said Monday that the scam has already been reported by several businesses in the community. In separate press releases, Merrill and Attorney General George Jepsen asked those who received the form to make a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General at attorney.general@ct.gov, including a copy of the mailing. He said an investigation into the mailing in coordination with the U.S. Postal Inspector is already underway.

Those unsure about the legitimacy of any business filing notice may contact the Secretary of State Office at 860-509-6003 or by email us at crd@ct.gov.


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