standing Pawcatuck Middle School

Pawcatuck Middle School. Sun file photo

Grade 6 

High Honors

Shay Burnside

Mackenzie DuFour

Dainan Glennon

Mary Lord

Riley Norcia

Mia Pisani

Connor Poole

Rory Risley

Aubrey Short

Isabella Spaulding

Anna Sundman

Lotus Vianney

Jai-Lynn Wheeler


Haley Adamson

Hailey Allard

Holden Berk

Kaelyn Bevington

Gavin Bucko

Brady deCastro

Ariana Doenges

Scott Duffany

Sophia Dutra

Briana Eiden

Katelyn Freitas

Fiona Fulton

Ethan Harris

Lindsey Houle

Arleen Kaur

Alan Lanoie

Leah Machinski

Tristan Main

Madelyn McAdams

Emily Obrey

Santino Orbe

Adam Orlowski

Landon Pelletier

James Peterson

Brandon Pica

Hannah Reams

Ashton Rose

Owen Spelman

Peyton Vanderstreet

Noah Ward

Grade 7

High Honors

Lauren Buckley

Gabriella Dimock

Jackson McCarney

Ellise Parson

Brianna Plew

Peter Previty

Ethan Torres

Matthew Turrisi


Eamonn Brady

Sean Brennan

Leah Carroll

Zoe Flynn

Cameron Goudailler

Alec Hamilton

Olivia Head

Jesse Hinkle

Alexandria Howe

Hayli Knoff

Aaron LoPresto

Benjamin Mahoney

Aislin Maloney

Emmett Peel

Cole Phelan

Tyler Simao

Natalia Trochez

Wyatt Verbridge

Grade 8

High Honors

Kelsea Anderson

Carissa Church

Sergio de Oliveira

David Duguay

Chase Gouvin

Helen Gross

Joshua Lord

Luke Lowry


Madison Allard

Hannah Andersen

Adriana Avila

Sarah Berger

Olivia Bucko

Mackenzie DePietro

Maddie Gonzalez

Jessica Maynard

Emma Morrison

Olivia Murphy

Jack Scahill

Marin Singletary

Aiden Spelman

Connor Tavares

Joseph Whewell

Mikayla Zaharie

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