C&C Investments IncBurkle, Carol BButter Ln$108,50002/16/18

Gordon, Joan A / Gordon, Harrington MMatthews, Margaret G338 W Beach Rd$1,090,00002/16/18

Leblanc, Dawn MHulst, Francine A / Hulst, Leland G15 W Park Ln$250,00002/16/18

Leone, Gordon FSullivan, Joseph T / Sullivan, Marcia J121 W Willow Ln$915,00002/16/18


Mountford Const LLCGreen Acres Rewalty IncLake Shore Dr$60,00002/08/18

Blanchette, BrianWilmington Svngs Fund Tr120 Skunk Hill Rd$131,00002/01/18

Cloud 9 Realty LLCBlanchette, Brian120 Skunk Hill Rd$143,00002/02/18

Farrelly, Shane P / Gibson, Jenna DRay, Stuart I99 Wolf Rock Rd$285,00001/31/18

Jkaber, Arrash / Jaber, GretchenPlouffe, Michael D313 Yawgoo Valley Rd$450,00001/31/18


Solar Real Estate HldsPeloquin Builders IncAlton Bradford Rd$1,650,00002/05/18

Masog, Leoren FGuthrie, Jack O / Guthrie, Barbara J65 Canonchet Driftway$535,00002/15/18

Plaisted, Jeffrey W / Plaisted, Holly KJohnson, Stephen L / Johnson, Ruth M93 Canonchet Rd$270,00002/15/18

Pierce, Gabrielle E / Pierce, Kenneth JKenyon Lorraine C Est / Courchaine, Kerry N230 Collins Rd$187,50002/01/18

Dubois, JacobLarsen, Robert E / Larsen, B Delia2 Colonial Village Rd$163,00002/09/18

Pelchat, Robert P / Pelchat, Michelle LFaulkner, William39 Spring St$230,00002/09/18

Knott, Holly MHoffman, Bryan S / Dicus, Beth ATomaquag Rd$62,50002/08/18

Alan R Foisy RET / Foisy, Alan RGalipeau, Richard P / Galipeau, Karen LTomaquag Rd #1$105,00002/13/18


Treistman, Lewis / Mcauslan, JeanFinnerty, Kevin J / Barron, Barbara S468 Big Water Rd #468$287,50002/15/18

Forbes, John J / Forbes, Kate LPaniccia, William R / Paniccia, Vanessa72 Bramblewood Ln$422,50002/15/18

Bacon, Scott / Bacon, MaryForbes, John J / Forbes, Kate L901 Broad Rock Rd$310,00002/15/18

Burlingame, Neil C / Burlingame, Patricia CDefanti, Paul R / Defanti, Mary C93 Dockray St$389,90002/15/18

Frances O Mckendall RET / Mckendall, Frances OSweenor Builders Inc84 E Matunuck Farm Dr$1,050,00002/15/18

Dion, Richard J / Dion, Kathleen M5A Builders LLCN/A$449,56002/13/18

Himsey, David G / Himsey, DianneEnvine LLCN/A$467,80402/16/18

Mcgillivray, William P / Mcgillivray, Carolyn AWillis, Eric L / Hennekey, Linda285 North Rd$350,00002/16/18

Hoy, Erik A / Hoy, Elisabeth GStone Soup Cottage Works173 Stone Soup Farm Way$710,00002/16/18

Kisilywicz, Heather PBabij, Holly W / Babij, Garrett P39 Warner Ave$440,00002/16/18


Klinner, Michael KNicolosi, Michael11 Coastal Ct #A$240,00002/16/18

Rosen, KatherineFisher, Anne S5 Gull Ter #5$321,00002/16/18

Thomas, Jeffrey EMaine, Charles W / Maine, Marilyn R9 Laurel Hill Dr$154,00002/20/18

Gavin-Lourenco, ChristineSexton, Jared R40 Old Hopkinton Rd #A$162,50002/14/18

Citizens Bank NARodman, Catherine T / Citizens Bank NA 7 Wayland St$200,76002/20/18


Donnel, Jessica RHoran Marcia K Est / Horan, Lisa J20 Godfrey St$205,50002/16/18

Zelepos, John / Zelepos, DanielleFairbairn, Geoffrey / Fairbairn, Ronald991 Groton Long Point Rd$757,00002/16/18

Simmons FT / Simmons, Rosemary TSmiles, J Michael / Smiles, Martha H50 Mystic Ave$459,00002/16/18

Watrous, Roger EConrad, GeraldPacker Rd$67,00002/16/18


Schneidermeyer, Steven ACaruso, Richard / Caruso, Denise217 Elm St$229,50002/16/18

Quaratella, ScottMomparler, Michael5 W Broad St #24$135,00002/16/18

Ogrady, Mathew PLloyd-Ogrady, Jourdan / KR2 LLC207 Whitehall Ave$217,30002/16/18

This information is supplied by The Warren Group. If there are any questions or concerns please call 617-428-5100

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