Buyer Seller Address Price Date


Walter, Judith A / Walter, Daniel FMancini, Jeffrey D / Mancini, Susannah E88 Black Pond Rd$379,90002/28/18

Hulst, Curtis DPettigrew, Julie19 Charles Ave$275,00002/28/18

Gilbert, George MOreilly, Michael J / Oreilly, Kevin J20 Cove Dr$1,400,00002/28/18


Kurzbach, Michelle / Kurzcbach, EricCuoco, Christopher M / Trombley, Sarah10 Locust Valley Rd$385,00003/01/18

Hernandez, Juver A / Diaz-Butler, ElodiaClark, Lorena L / Robison, Kevin A547 Mail Rd$170,00003/01/18


Petrogas Group New EngSpicer Marketplace LLC4 Egypt St$1,250,00002/23/18

Spicer Marketplace LLCMorrone, Lorraine4 Egypt St$825,00002/23/18

Spicer Marketplace LLCMorrone, Lorraine8 Egypt St$825,00002/23/18

Petrogas Group New EngSpicer Marketplace LLCEgypt St$1,250,00002/23/18

Spicer Marketplace LLCMorrone, Lorraine206 Main St$825,00002/23/18

Petrogas Group New EngSpicer Marketplace LLC206 Main St$1,250,00002/23/18

Spicer Marketplace LLCMorrone, Lorraine208 Main St$825,00002/23/18

Petrogas Group New EngSpicer Marketplace LLC208 Main St$1,250,00002/23/18

Dowling, John JBrunelle, Jason M6 South Dr$320,00002/28/18

Douglass, ZachariahPosillo, Eric A299 Tomaquag Rd$320,00002/23/18


Martin, Sean R / Martin, Christina ERichards, John / Richards-Press, Lisa M175 Bonnet Point Rd #J33$28,30003/01/18

Kelen LLCMollo, AntonioN/A$1,100,00002/28/18

Laquale, Savino / Laquale, RhondaFoss, Veronica1 Offshore Rd #30$207,50002/26/18

Ditto, Sean M / Doyle, James AJeff Briggs Builder Inc41 Orlando Dr$500,00003/01/18

Tanin, James M / Yu, Heather TBudaj, Lyn84 Palm Beach Ave$287,00002/26/18

Mitchell, Jeffrey D / Mitchell, MarjolynLederman, Jane24 Pocono Rd$413,50002/27/18

Princeton Properties CFThompson, Diane NTalia Ct$675,00003/02/18


Hagist, William D / Michalak, Kristin MTweedell, William J / Tweedell, Mary R84 Carolina Nooseneck Rd$258,00002/27/18

Mcdonough, John PBrunelle, Jeffrey26 Chelsea Farm Dr$314,00002/16/18

Russo, Joshua JMcdonough, John P12 Foster Farm Dr$264,00002/16/18

Penman, James / Arzullo, CynthiaDunkee, Patricia A464 Gardiner Rd #115$89,90002/23/18

Lucia Sportsfishing LLCDeutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr79 Pine Hill Rd$124,00002/21/18

Ore Realty LLC2010 Corp2 Skunk Hill Rd$200,00002/23/18

Boger, William D / Boger, Kimberly ARita, Elizabeth389 Switch Rd$232,50002/16/18


Cotatgis, Theodore D / Cotatgis, Krista MMutual Properties Sol80 Andre Ave$340,00003/02/18

Beatrice, Judith MSampson, Marilyn D301 Church St #4$185,00002/28/18

Amelang, Susan MDaniels-Duncan, Sheryl19 Kersey Rd$182,90002/28/18

Ruhle, Paul / LaRuhle, JenniferSherman, Lawrence W1564 Kingstown Rd$260,00003/01/18

M&S Property ManagementDenelle, Scot F917 Kingstown Rd$275,00002/28/18

Inho, George / Inho, Angela MWebster, Frederick E / Webster, Carrie F234 Mautucket Rd$345,00002/28/18

Mccabe, Jonathan B / Mccabe, Tina FEconomopoulos, Nicholas / Economopoulos, SusanJ 76 Mill Pond Rd$407,50002/27/18

Fuller, Deborah L / Gaudette, Brian DCorredorn, Lino / Corredorn, Mildred270-D Moonstone Beach Rd$495,00002/27/18

Coates, Marisa LPaulson, Raymond / Paulson, Lynne1802 Mooresfield Rd$190,00002/28/18

Towle, EricBradley, Martha JOrchard Ave$250,00002/27/18

Casioppo, Alexander S / Frosini, KyraShafer, Charles R3047 S County Trl$250,00002/28/18

Swain, Peter M / Swain, Claudia ECongdon Family LLC26 Shadow Farm Way #26$515,00002/28/18

Cordell, RobertBernardo, Eugene G / Bernardo, Kristen3494 Tower Hill Rd$319,25002/28/18


Tucker, Debra M / Tucker, Michelle Y Sadowski Evelyn A Est / Browning, Patricia E14 Autumn Ln$177,50003/02/18

Winn, Wendy SBSI Inc44 Bay St #B101$697,50003/02/18

Spada, Sandro / Spada, Theresa MManfredi, Joseph L / Manfredi, Mary C6 Bucks Trl$285,00002/28/18

Amanti, Christina MCherenzia Excavation Inc1 Camelot Ct$353,97903/02/18

Mary K Schaaf RET / Schaaf, Mary KDemovick Ventures 2007Ice Pond Rd$575,00002/28/18

Defelice, MichaelCarpenter, Mark F / Carpenter, Charlene A14 Maybrey Dr$242,00002/28/18

Strategic Commercial RltyCherenzia S E 3rd Est / Liguori, Thomas J13 N Granite Ave$2,530,00003/01/18

Strategic Commercial RltyCherenzia Excavation IncN/A$3,340,00003/01/18

Brunelle, Jason M / Brunelle, SuzanneSilvestri, Luann4 Nob Ct$425,00002/28/18

Strategic Commercial RltyCherenzia Excavation Inc73 Old Hopkinton Rd #7$257,25003/01/18

Strategic Commercial RltyOld Hopkinton Road LLCOld Hopkinton Rd$2,002,75003/01/18

Messineo, Steven / Messineo, ErinSalimeno, Robert C / Salimeno, Alida V9 Pequot Ave$128,00003/02/18

Morrone, Catherine JOates, J Patricik36 Spring St$190,00002/28/18

This information is supplied by The Warren Group. If there are any questions or concerns please call 617-428-5100

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