B: Buyer

S: Seller

A: Address

P: Price

D: Date


B: Carando, Michael J / Carando, Kathleen R

S: Stelzner, Sara L

A: 71 Sunset Dr

P: $1,037,500

D: 05/25/18

B: Hilliker, Benjamin J

S: Towers, Margaret B

A: 13 W Willow Ln

P: $975,000

D: 05/25/18


B: Cheryl Puc Kiernan LT / Puc, Stanley

S: Lafontaine, Kimberly A

A: 39 Scenic Way #39

P: $469,900

D: 05/25/18


B: Muratori, Michael A

S: Saris, Paul A / Saris, Susan L

A: 11 Karen Ann Dr

P: $350,000

D: 05/21/18

B: Pamela J Rizzo RET / Rizzo, Pamela J

S: Mcnamara, Denise T / Mcnamara, Mark P

A: N/A

P: $1,450,000

D: 05/23/18

B: Creedon, Kevin M / Creedon, Nancy

S: Freitas, Raymond P

A: 20 Narragansett Ave #308

P: $650,000

D: 05/21/18

B: Summerson, Jay A / Summerson, Rozanne M

S: Darvish, Manouch / Darvish, Karolyn

A: 20 Narragansett Ave #411

P: $720,000

D: 05/22/18

B: Alden, Gwyne H / Harger, Elvira M

S: Cusumano, Margaret L

A: 66 Pomfret Rd

P: $479,000

D: 05/24/18

B: 33 Rose Court LLC

S: Farrington, Edgar R / Farrington, Catherine

A: 33 Rose Ct

P: $1,080,000

D: 05/23/18

B: Chute, Mark J / Chute, Robin H

S: Forman, Howard W / Supowit, Cheryl A

A: 13 Vanderbilt Dr #13

P: $365,000

D: 05/22/18


B: Halvorson, Halvor M

S: Haronian, Howard L

A: 38 Bay St #W102

P: $1,300,000

D: 05/29/18

B: Williams, Frank J

S: Scott, Stephen O / Scott, Nikki-Ann G

A: 68 Beach St

P: $265,000

D: 05/23/18

B: Amato, David J / Amato, David J

S: Amato, Dina

A: 5 Briar Patch Dr

P: $127,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Wells, Andrew J / Wells, Kristen R

S: Hanley, Beth

A: 23 Castle Way

P: $271,000

D: 05/24/18

​​​​​​B: Latour, Marc E / Latour, Elizabeth

S: Savvy Homes Realty Group

A: 113 Church St

P: $305,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Latour, Marc E / Latour, Elizabeth

S: Savvy Homes Realty Group

A: 117 Church St

P: $305,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Carega, Livia

S: Walter W Shwayka T / Hunsberger, Deborah S

A: 59 Gounod Rd

P: $660,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Donofrio, David P / Fortin, Nancy E

S: Rosario, Eliezer / Maldomado, Mirtelina

A: 35 Mariner Hts

P: $274,900

D: 05/29/18

B: Crivelli, Albert / Crivelli, Amy

S: Wallace, Joan F

A: N/A

P: $516,500

D: 05/25/18


B: Brown, Christopher / Samper, Alexandra

S: Keep, William W / Keep, Susan I

A: 28 Academy Ln

P: $322,500

D: 05/23/18

B: Wegrzyn, Kristina A / Wegrzyn, William J

S: Baier, Charles V

A: 9 Atlantic Ave

P: $499,900

D: 05/25/18


S: Hodges, Franklin E / FNMA

A: 333 Buddington Rd

P: $148,995

D: 05/24/18

B: Potter, Sarah

S: Milholen, John R / Milholen, Ann M

A: 2170 Gold Star Hwy

P: $221,500

D: 05/21/18

B: Wilson, David P

S: Kiely, Irene T

A: 302 Hazelnut Hill Rd

P: $227,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Drake, Michael / Drake, Donna E

S: Thompson, Eric / Thompson, Marsha

A: Lanmar T Hangar Condo #B2

P: $58,000

D: 05/24/18

B: Nunes, Carlos J

S: Tindle, Denise S

A: 48 Mariners Ln

P: $409,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Smith, Elizabeth B

S: Pavone, Gregory A

A: 3 Spyglass Cir #3

P: $185,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Forte, Edward F

S: Mortensen, Ardeth J

A: 62 Spyglass Cir #62

P: $172,000

D: 05/25/18


B: Chiafullo, Patsy E / Chiafullo, Patricia M

S: Sullivan-Bell, Sharon

A: 103 Elm St #2

P: $297,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Stephen, Scott A / Stephen, Patricia M

S: Thompson, Philip A / Thompson, Christine A

A: 20 Michelle Ln #20

P: $275,000

D: 05/22/18

B: Susan T Noonan IRT / Noonan, Susan T

S: Mystic Point LLC

A: 7 Mystic Point Ln #7

P: $1,025,000

D: 05/25/18

B: Anderson, Amy

S: Ward, Richard / Ward, Kimberly

A: 10 Parkwood Dr

P: $276,500

D: 05/22/18

B: Chiaradio, William J / Maglieri, Andrea

S: Lemoine, Timothy

A: 1 River Crest Dr

P: $305,000

D: 05/24/18

B: Guilliani, Frank

S: VanEtten, Allison

A: 34 Rossi Ave

P: $189,000

D: 05/21/18

B: Laveer Properties LLC

S: Mcclellan, Phillip C / Peoples United Bank NA

A: 11 Velvet Ln

P: $75,000

D: 05/23/18

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