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WESTERLY — A Pawcatuck woman is facing DUI charges after police said a patron found her slumped over the wheel of her car near Aldi's Supermarket before she then drove away as medics arrived to check on her.

Kristen A. Davis, 47, of 194 S. Anguilla Road, was charged Thursday with driving under the influence with an unknown blood alcohol content and refusal to submit to a chemical test. She was also cited for driving with an expired registration.

Davis was later charged and released on a promise to appear for arraignment in Fourth Division District Court on May 17.

Police Chief Shawn Lacey said officers and medical personnel were dispatched to Aldi's Supermarket, located in the Franklin Shopping Plaza, around 4:10 p.m. for reports of a woman who appeared to be passed out and was slumped over the wheel of her car.

While officers were still en route, Lacey said personnel with Westerly Ambulance reported that they had just arrived and the woman in question was leaving the parking lot, driving north along Route 1. Nearby officers were able to stop her soon after, however, and she pulled over in the nearby Citizen's Bank parking lot along Franklin Street. 

According to a police report, Davis showed multiple signs of intoxication including being unable to stand on her own and remaining unresponsive to police requests. A portable breathalyzer was used and returned a reading on .249, more than three times the state limit.

An officer and staff with Westerly Ambulance took Davis to the hospital for evaluation because of concerns over her health, Lacey said. At the hospital, she was uncooperative and refused several requests for a chemical test, leading to the refusal charge. Results from portable breathalyzers are not considered official in Rhode Island, Lacey explained.

Lacey said the incident was the second in under a month involving Davis. She was found in her car at the Burger King restaurant across from Aldi's on April 22 after receiving calls reporting a woman passed at at the wheel of her car.

In that incident, Lacey said officers eventually awoke her after spending several minutes knocking on her car window. She showed signs of intoxication during the response, he said, but the car was not running and there was no indication of how she had gotten to the lot. As a result, she was not charged and officers helped arrange her a ride home.

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