WESTERLY — Police are seeking help from the public in identifying a man they said picked up a credit card dropped by a customer at Walmart and quickly used it to buy nearly $300 worth of grocery and household products.

The Westerly Police Department released a photo of the man and his vehicle on social media last week. Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said Tuesday that the investigation remains active and officers are still seeking help.

"The victim had dropped her credit card near the entrance right next to Subway and the man came in right behind her and picked it up," Lacey said. "We were able to use the surveillance cameras to follow him through the store before he went to the self-checkout area and used the card to purchase a cart full of items."

A police report said the woman, 21, of Pawcatuck woman, had entered Walmart around 8:10 p.m. on Dec. 30 with a 1-year-old child. While getting the child into the carriage and entering the store, surveillance showed that she dropped the card. The suspect picked it up about 10 seconds later.

The man bought $288.98 worth of merchandise, store records show. The police said "he kept his head down" the entire time, which made it hard to identify him. He left in a car that was later identified with the help of the staff at Valenti Toyota as a 2014-19 Toyota Highlander, the police said.

Anyone who can identify the man or his SUV are asked to call Officer Howard Mills at 401-348-6170 or the Westerly Police Department at 401-596-2022.

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