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WESTERLY — Police took a man into custody Thursday afternoon following a tense, four-hour standoff at a home in Bradford.

Police said Manuel Valles, 57, of 29 Canterbury Drive, broke multiple second-floor windows and threw several objects, including knives, swords and a rifle, at officers.

Westerly police eventually detained Valles around 2 p.m. after the standoff, which ended when a tactical team that entered the building found him hiding in a crawl space on the second floor. Valles was taken to Westerly Hospital for mental evaluation and treatment, but police said there were no physical injuries to Valles or anyone else from either the incident or response.

“Our assigned mental health clinician was on scene and she was able to certify him prior to us detaining him,” Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said in a release. “There will be charges forthcoming, but there may be a delay as he will be certified for an unknown period of time.”

According to the police, officers were dispatched to the home just before 10 a.m. after receiving a phone call reporting that Valles had barricaded himself on the second-floor of the home and was screaming, yelling and giving orders to anyone he could see from the second-floor window. Lacey said Valles' wife, concerned because of past mental health issues and PTSD, alerted police and requested assistance.

When officers arrived, the police said Valles broke each of the exterior windows and began throwing numerous objects outside, including swords and knives, while threatening officers. The police said he also showed a rifle, pointing it out the window, but did not fire it and eventually threw it at officers as well.

A tactical team was called and negotiators began making contact, but police moved forward with a tactical response after discussions failed to come to a resolution and Valles remained barricaded inside and actively trashing the home. The tactical response team entered shortly before 2 p.m. when officers using gas grenades entered the home and were able to take Valles into custody.

“Then the end result, he was detained and nobody was hurt,” Lacey said. “There was extensive damage to the property as well as water damage from him blocking the sinks with the water running and flooding the entire first floor. We had to relocate the wife and a handicapped adult child with the assistance of the WARM shelter, as the house is inhabitable as a result of the damages.”

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