Louis M. Seignious Jr. 

Louis M. Seignious Jr., 31, of Norwich, who is accused of fatally shooting his cousin at point-blank range in the doorway of a Marriot Avenue residence in Westerly, was captured Saturday in Groton, one week after the shooting.

City of Groton police were holding him as a fugitive from justice. Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said, “I assume what should happen is he would be released on their charges and held as a fugitive until we extradite him back to Rhode Island, or get a governor’s warrant if he does not waive extradition as our charges trumped their charges.”

He was expected to appear in New London Superior Court on Monday.

The police were searching for Seignious on Saturday, after receiving a tip that he was at the Branford Manor apartments on Mather Avenue. Lacey said officers went to the building and discovered that he had gone up to the second floor and from there into the attic. He said officers could hear Seignious as he made his way along a line of four apartments. The police evacuated the occupants, and when he tried to hide over the last one, he fell through the ceiling and was arrested. Police then searched the area for his firearm.

Seignious was wanted in the death of 28-year-old Vincent A. Sebastian, of Fanning Road, Ledyard, who had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene, in Westerly's North End.

Seignious fled town and got out of his car in Ledyard, where he eluded Mashantucket Tribal Police, who had been in pursuit. Residents in the area of the Shewville Road area were told to be on lookout, as he was considered armed and dangerous.

A preliminary investigation determined that Sebastian, who the police said had an active relationship with a woman who lived at the address, was there with the woman, three children age 10 and under, and another man when Seignious arrived at the home. The two had an argument at the front door of the home, Lacey said, before Seignious fired one shot and drove away. Lacey said he did not believe the children witnessed the shooting.

Seignious had a child with a woman in the Marriott Avenue apartment, the police said, and the shooting was considered to be a domestic crime. Both men were members of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe.

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