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Kris Magbag. Photo courtesy Charlestown Police Department

CHARLESTOWN — A former aide at a local dental practice is facing charges after the police said a second victim came forward and alleged that the man had sexually assaulted them during a dental procedure involving anesthesia.

The former dental aide, 31-year-old Westerly resident Kris Angelo Magbag, was charged last week with second-degree sexual assault, a charge stemming from an investigation into a June 19 complaint made by a 28-year-old male patient of Magbag's former employer, Arrowhead Dental. Magbag turned himself in to police on July 1 and was arraigned before a justice of the peace before being released on a promise to appear.

Magbag, who was first charged in early May following complaints by an 18-year-old female patient, is due in Washington County Superior Court for a felony screening on both cases on Aug. 7.

"In the complaint, a 28-year-old male victim alleged that on April 14, 2020, as he was having a dental procedure performed and coming out of anesthesia, a male dental assistant sexually assaulted him," Charlestown Police Chief Michael J. Paliotta said in a press release.

Paliotta said the second victim had reported the incident after the department requested any other potential victims come forward following their previous investigation into Magbag, which ended with his being charged with second-degree sexual assault on May 4.

In his first arrest, the police said an investigation determined that the 18-year-old victim was also sexually assaulted while under anesthesia. She reported the incident shortly after a scheduled visit in April.

Magbag was fired after Arrowhead Dental was notified of the accusations, and the organization said in a statement that it has taken action to protect patients.

"Above all, we value the safety and care of patients and take pride in our service to our community," the organization said in a press release following the first incident. "While we have yet to know the result of the investigation, an accusation of this kind affects us deeply, as we strive to create an atmosphere of safety and trust for patients."

Charlestown police are requesting that anyone with information related to this investigation, or who may have experienced similar alleged offenses, contact Lt. Kevin Kidd at 860-213-6903.

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