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RICHMOND — A local man has been ordered to serve a year in prison for violating a no-contact order and fighting with police in an incident that ended with officers subduing him with a stun gun, following a domestic disturbance last week at a home that he was legally barred from entering.

Lorenza Bethel, 41, whose last known address was 6B Nooseneck Hill Road, entered a nolo contendere plea on Wednesday to charges of violating a no-contact order and resisting arrest. He was issued a one-year criminal sentence that was suspended pending completion of one year of probation as a result of a plea agreement, according to Rhode Island judicial records.

In addition, he was ordered to attend batterer’s intervention, to abide by a no-contact order with the victim that was reissued during the Wednesday court hearing, and to pay court fees associated with his case. As part of the plea agreement, court records indicate that a charge of domestic disorderly conduct was dismissed.

Bethel was arrested early Wednesday morning following a series of incidents at his Nooseneck Hill Road home.

According to a police report, officers were called to the home around 3:45 a.m. with reports of a man there who was “throwing furniture items” and causing a disturbance.

By the time officers arrived, Bethel had fled on foot. A search of the area was conducted, but officers were unable to locate him.

Knowing Bethel had a no-contact order against him and was not allowed in the home, an officer was stationed outside the house for surveillance, and the officer watched Bethel enter the home about 25 minutes after the original responding officers had left.

When police entered the house to arrest him, they found him hiding in a closet. He was uncooperative and refused to comply with police requests. Instead, a police report indicated that he became aggressive and was “continually reaching for his waistband” before an officer used a department-issued Taser to stun him to protect the victim and responding officers.

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