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Sergio I. Valdivia Sainz, 21, of 193 Scapa Flow Road, Charlestown, was charged March 26 with disorderly conduct and vandalism/malicious injury to property.

Michael R. Pelchat, 38, of 50D North Main St., Bradford, was arrested March 26 on the strength of a bench warrant issued by Fourth District Division Court and charged with misdemeanor shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance.

A 15-year-old was charged March 27 with vandalism/malicious injury to property.

Ryan Elijah Mackin, 25, of 600 Meridian St. Ext., Groton, was charged Monday with driving under the influence, 1st offense, blood-alcohol content unknown, and refusal to submit to a chemical test, 1st violation.

Robin L. Perkins, 33, of 460 Pine St., Providence, was charged Tuesday on the strength of two bench warrants issued from Second Division District Court.

Joseph Michael Aragi, 32, of 33 Langworthy Road, was charged Wednesday with domestic simple assault/battery, domestic vandalism/malicious injury to property, domestic disorderly conduct and vandalism/malicious injury to property.

James Joseph Mackin, 29, of 42 Canal St. Apt. #1F, was charged Wednesday with domestic simple assault/battery and domestic disorderly conduct.

Michael Scorpio, 63, of 42 Brandywine Drive, was charged Thursday with two counts of vandalism/malicious injury to property.

Richard W. Entwistle, 29, of 20 Scenic Heights Drive, was charged Thursday with violation of a no-contact order and domestic disorderly conduct.


Christopher T. Arnold, 22, of 17 Beachwood Drive, Coventry, was charged March 28 with willful trespassing and obstructing an officer as well as being served a bench warrant from Fourth Division District Court.

Lisa M. Goodell, 20, of 4 Pleasant St., was charged Tuesday with domestic simple assault and battery and domestic disorderly conduct.

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