HOPKINTON — A 19-year-old Coventry man is facing DUI charges after the police said he crashed into the Back In Thyme Herb Farm & Kitchen building after striking a utility pole and truck trailer following separate disturbances with a second vehicle late Saturday night.

The driver, Noah Reed, was charged with driving under the influence with an unknown blood alcohol content, refusal to submit to a chemical test and reckless driving. He was arraigned before a justice of the peace and released on a promise to appear in Fourth Division District Court for formal arraignment on Nov. 24, according to Rhode Island judicial records.

Hopkinton Police Capt. Mark Carrier said police were first notified of an issue after a witness reported that a 2002 GMC Sierra pick-up truck had been involved in a crash with a Jeep Grand Cherokee on North Road around 11:30 p.m. before both vehicles turned around to the follow Reed. The witness called police when both vehicles pulled over at the entrance to Thompson Native Lumber on Woodville Road.

According to a police report, an officer already on patrol was driving toward the lumberyard when he saw Reed's pick-up truck crashed into the corner of the Back In Thyme Herb Farm & Kitchen building, located at the corner of Main Street and Woodville Road.

The officer, who was familiar with Reed, approached the crash site and found Reed walking toward him with blood showing on his forehead and hands. A police report said Reed told the officer that the Cherokee "ran me off the road." Occupants of a second vehicle denied this, stating he struck several items while driving erratically, which is why they had followed him.

Reed suffered cuts and bruising, the police said, and was taken by members of the Ashaway Ambulance Association to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released. Members of the Ashaway Volunteer Fire Department also assisted in the response.

An investigation revealed that, while on North Road, Reed attempted to pass the Cherokee and struck the driver's side fender. He then turned around without stopping and attempted to drive away, with the Cherokee following behind. A third-party witness told police he also turned around after seeing the incident and called police to report a disturbance after both vehicles pulled into the lumberyard.

After a verbal argument, witnesses told police that Reed got back into his car and sped off, striking and heavily damaging a truck trailer parked at the Thompson lumberyard. He continued to drive down the road despite heavy damage to his own pick-up, striking a utility pole near the intersection with Route 3 before then traveling into the corner where the porch and building meet. A building inspector determined that, while there was damage to the building, there were no structural issues.

Reed's truck was inoperable and was later towed from the scene, the police said. Damage to the Cherokee was considered minimal and the driver was able to leave the scene on his own, the police said.

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So if you crash into several things with your truck, refuse a sobriety test, get a ride to the hospital and then walk free. I don't get it. This guy should have at least spent the night in lock-up. letting him go sends a message that this is ok behavior.

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