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WESTERLY — A woman who had been wanted since 2014 in a stolen checks case was arrested Friday night after a traffic stop, the police said.

Westerly police said the woman, Jasmine M. LaChappelle, 32, of West Kingston, was charged with six counts of obtaining money through false pretenses, $1,500 or less. She is accused of stealing checks from a man she met at a bar, cashing them and taking more than $1,000 from his account. She was released from custody and is due to be arraigned in Fourth Division District Court later this week.

The police said a Westerly man reported that he had met LaChappelle at a bar in August 2014 and offered her a ride. Several days later, he realized his checkbook was missing and texted the woman, and according to a police report, she texted back and told him she had no idea where it was.

The man went to his bank and found that six checks had been cashed over the previous two days totaling $1,080. He immediately contacted the police.

Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said an investigation determined that LaChappelle had gone to a nearby bank to cash the checks, which bore a forged signature. The checks were made out to cash and endorsed by LaChappelle; a police report said a surveillance camera showed her cashing them.

Lacey said LaChappelle was arrested after an unrelated traffic stop near the intersection of Granite and School streets. She was a passenger in the car.

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