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WESTERLY — Four people are facing drug charges after officers conducting speed enforcement on Oak Street found crack cocaine Wednesday during two traffic stops.

Police Chief Shawn Lacey said Rahjon L. Moses, 23, of 5 Annanias Ave., Westerly, was arrested at around 5:30 p.m. At about 10:50 p.m., the police arrested Gregory Williams, 35, of New London, Kacie Rando, 34, of Old Lyme, and Hassan Tamir Ibrahim, 27, of Groton.

Lacey said that in both cases, an officer stopped the cars for speeding.

"The reality is, we are seeing an increase in the presence of crack cocaine," Lacey said Thursday. "It is cheaper now than it has ever been and it's easy to make, which has led to more people using it throughout the region."

According to a police report, Moses was the passenger in a car that was stopped in the area of Ginger's gas station on Oak Street. The police said that in checking on the driver, Michael Harris, 31, of Westerly, they saw that his license was suspended. He was later cited with driving with a suspended license.

The police said the two men were acting suspicious, so they requested a K-9 search, which produced a hit. The police then searched the men and found two doses of suboxone in a pants pocket. The drug is used in the treatment of addiction.

Lacey said that after the initial search, Moses and Harris were sitting on the hood or leaning against the car when officers told Moses, who had dreadlocks pulled into a bun, that they would search his hair. Moses jumped away and tried to flee while moving something from his hair to his mouth. The police said that the officers caught him on Oak Street and found 4 grams of a white powder that tested positive as crack cocaine.

Moses was taken into custody and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and obstructing an officer. He was arraigned on Thursday and released on a promise to appear for a felony screening in Washington County Superior Court in September.

Lacey said later that evening, an officer stationed on Oak Street saw a car speeding past with a broken headlight. Officers tried to stop the car, which initially turned onto Tower Street and then into a nearby driveway, where it stopped, the police said.

The officer immediately smelled marijuana in the car, and one of the passengers, Williams, refused to provide an ID. Lacey said the officer called for a K-9 unit, which again produced a hit. Inside, officers found a bag of marijuana and crack cocaine near the center console and a second bag containing crack cocaine in the driver's side door.

A search of the driver, Ibrahim, and his passengers also led to the discovery of smoking pipes and additional crack cocaine on both Williams and Rando.

Lacey said officers seized 4 grams of crack cocaine from Williams that was separated into one larger and six smaller baggies, 1.7 grams in the car that was attributed to Ibrahim, and .3 grams that was found on Rando.

Williams was charged with manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance and obstructing an officer. Ibrahim and Rando were charged with possession of a controlled substance. Ibrahim was also cited with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for 2 grams that were found in his car, and for driving with a suspended license, speeding and failure to have proper headlights.

A third passenger, a woman who was not identified, was cooperative with officers and was not found in possession of any substances, the police said.

Rando and Williams were arraigned in Fourth Division District Court on Thursday, while Ibrahim will be due in court later this month. Rando was released on a promise to appear, according to Rhode Island online judicial records, while Williams was held in lieu of bond pending a bail hearing on July 3.

Both were referred to Washington County Superior Court and are expected to appear for felony screenings in September, according to court records.

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Letting any of these dope heads Go while waiting to go to court is a foolish move. I bet they do not shown up on their court dates. The drug problems r getting so out of hand it is hard to make friends since one never knows who is using now. I avoid New people due to this. What a sad state our country is in.

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