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GROTON — Members of an ordnance disposal team on Thursday conducted a controlled detonation of a small amount of explosives after they were discovered to have deteriorated. The explosives were found during a drill and bunker inspection at Naval Submarine Base New London. The detonation was done at 2:30 p.m. in an uninhabited forest area inside base's northeast quadrant. The base alerted residents through “giant voice” announcements and social media messages.

The Navy said about 3 pounds of explosives used for military working dog training were found during a routine inspection of a bunker where training explosives are housed, at about 11 a.m. "The base fire department, security department and EOD Team from Newport were immediately called to the scene, established safety boundaries, and began the planning for the controlled detonation," the Navy said. Groton and Ledyard police and fire departments were also notified.

The base’s North Lake recreation area, Goose Run Golf Course, Thames View Marina, and activities near the bunker were evacuated as a precaution and remained closed until after the controlled denotation.

— Jason Vallee

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