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RICHMOND — A call from a concerned motorist Saturday morning reporting an erratic driver led officers to file DUI charges against a Westerly woman, the third set of such charges she has now faced in the past five years.

D’Ann Keniston, 37, of 24 Spencer Drive, was charged around 9 a.m. Saturday with driving under the influence with an unknown blood alcohol content, third offense or greater. She was arraigned before a justice of the peace, according to court records, and later released on personal recognizance.

According to a Richmond police summary, a motorist called 911 at 8:50 a.m. to report a driver who was traveling north along Route 112 in Richmond. The caller, who was able to provide a description of the car and its path of travel, told dispatchers that the erratic driver had crossed the yellow double line several times.

Officers located Keniston along Richmond Townhouse Road just south of Kenyon Hill Trail and conducted a traffic stop. After she showed signs of intoxication, the police said she was given a field sobriety test and failed. She was taken into custody without further incident.

While at the Richmond Police Department, a report indicated that Keniston refused to consent to a breathalyzer.

The arrest marked her third in five years, according to both court records and police. Under Rhode Island laws, three DUI offenses in a five-year period is considered a felony offense and carries penalties that may include more prison time, higher fines, and expanded suspension of license privileges when compared to first or second DUI offenses.

Keniston was charged in August 2016 with driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content greater than .15, court records show. She pleaded nolo contendere and was sentenced to serve 20 hours of community service, pay a $500 fine and adhere to a 30-day loss of license followed by using a device interlock system for three months.

Details of her second DUI arrest were unclear and were not available through the state’s judicial website.

Keniston has not entered a plea. She is due in Rhode Island Superior Court for a felony screening on July 23.

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