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WESTERLY — Two Westerly men are facing charges after a road rage incident Monday morning on Winnapaug Road and Lawton Avenue in Misquamicut.

The men, Quentin J. DeSimone, 68, of 146 Beach St., and Charles Andolino, 78, of 389 Atlantic Ave., were injured but declined medical attention, the police said.

Both refused to press charges, but were given summonses for misdemeanor disorderly conduct as a result of their behavior, which led officers to close off a portion of Lawton Avenue to allow for an investigation.

"When officers arrived, Mr. Andolino was walking toward (DeSimone's) car while holding a baseball bat," Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said. "Fortunately, he dropped it immediately when he saw the officer and approached him calmly to tell his side of what happened."

The police said an investigation determined that Andolino, southbound on Winnapaug Road at about 9:30 a.m., was stopped at the traffic light at the Shore Road intersection when DeSimone pulled up behind him.

When the light turned green, the police said Andolino was slow to begin moving and paused to wave hello to someone he knew. DeSimone blew his horn and when Andolino accelerated through the intersection, the police said, DeSimone followed closely behind him without much space between the cars' bumpers.

Andolino pulled over on Winnapaug Road, DeSimone stopped behind him, and they started fighting. Each one said the other was the aggressor, the police said. Andolino had broken glasses and cuts to his face, while DeSimone was "bleeding heavily" from a cut to his index finger that the police said was caused when Andolino bit him.

The two got back in their cars and Andolino drove to Lawton Avenue with DeSimone again tailing him. Their cars were facing each other. The police said Andolino had grabbed the bat, which was in his car, but police arrived before there could be any further confrontation. 

The incident was quickly defused when officers arrived, Lacey said.

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