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WESTERLY — Three people are facing charges, including a father and son, after they were involved in a fight at The Haversham during a wedding celebration on Saturday night.

Westerly police said the father, Robert Nystrom Sr., 62, of Warwick, and his son Robert Nystrom Jr., 32, of Johnston, were charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Matthew Zuercher, 37, of Warwick, was charged with disorderly conduct. The elder Nystrom turned himself in Sunday and his son was arrested on a warrant Monday. Zuercher turned himself in to the police on Tuesday.

All three were released on a promise to appear and were scheduled for arraignment Sept. 13 in Fourth Division District Court.

A police report said the charges stem from an incident in the wedding venue's ballroom near the end of the reception.

Police officers, Dunn's Corners firefighters and personnel with the Westerly Ambulance Corps were called to the site at 388 Post Road for reports of a fight with multiple injuries. Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said officers found a 35-year-old man and his wife sitting outside the building with injuries, and Nystrom Sr. was lying on the ground complaining of rib pain.

Witnesses told police that the men who had started the fight, later identified as Nystrom Jr. and Zuercher, had left in separate cars.

Lacey said an investigation found that the two men, who were acquainted with each other, had gotten into an argument and started pushing and shoving. The 35-year-old man tried to separate the two men. The police said his efforts appeared to agitate Nystrom Sr., who moved  through a crowd to pull his son out. As he tried to do so, the police said, he struck the 35-year-old man, and the man responded by trying to bear hug Nystrom Sr. in an effort to avoid being hit.

Witnesses told police that Nystrom Jr. then struck the 35-year-old in the back of the head, causing him and Nystrom Sr. to fall into the man's wife. She fell, hurting her leg. Nystrom Sr. then grabbed and broke a bottle and swung it at the 35-year-old man, cutting his arm, the police reported. The man was pushed into a wall and fell.

Nystrom Sr. refused to provide a statement to the officers, Lacey said, and instead simply kept repeating "whatever they said happened is what happened."

Witnesses said Nystrom Jr. and Zuercher then left, and the male victim and his wife were taken to Westerly Hospital, where they were treated and released. Nystrom Sr. was also taken to the hospital by ambulance, a police report said, and was later released.

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