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WESTERLY — Westerly police arrested two people Tuesday on charges of possession of crack cocaine, including a woman who the police said lied about her identity.

The police said Jasmine M. LaChappelle, 32, of West Kingston, and Anthony L. Fisher, 37, of 11 Harrison Ave., Apt. 1, Westerly, were arrested after a traffic stop on Post Road at about 12:15 p.m. They were charged with possession of a narcotic substance, and LaChappelle is also accused of obstructing an officer, and of failing to appear for arraignment in Fourth Division District Court in a theft case.

Fisher was also cited with driving with a suspended license, his third such offense, which Westerly police said was the reason for the traffic stop.

Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said an officer spotted Fisher driving from the Walmart parking lot in a small SUV, and knew his driver's license had been suspended. When the officer pulled him over on Post Road, near the Wendy's restaurant, LaChappelle immediately got out of the SUV, and the officer told her to get back in the vehicle, Lacey said.

The officer reported that Fisher and LaChappelle both appeared to be nervous, and that LaChappelle reached under her seat several times and was ordered to stop.

Officers asked for ID and LaChappelle told police that she did not have one, saying the purse she was holding belonged to her sister. She said her name was Cassandra Walsh. When officers ran her information and obtained a matching mug shot from the theft arrest on April 19, she told them it was her maiden name and that she had since changed it. The police said they had no reason to believe that her statement was true.

The police searched both Fisher and LaChapelle and found 3.3 grams of a powder that tested positive as crack cocaine, a glass pipe and Chore Boy scouring pads in Fisher's pockets. LaChapelle was also in possession of a glass pipe and Chore boy, Lacey said. (Pieces of the scouring pad are placed in the stems of crack pipes.) Both pipes tested positive for crack cocaine, the police said.

The arrest was LaChappelle's second in 11 days. She was charged with six counts of obtaining money under false pretenses on April 19 and was scheduled to appear in court last week for arraignment, but did not appear. She is accused of stealing checks in 2014 from a man she met at a bar, cashing them and taking more than $1,000 from his account.

Details of LaChappelle's cases were not available through the Rhode Island judicial website on Thursday. Fisher was arraigned Tuesday and  did not enter a plea. He was released on bond and is expected to appear in Washington Superior Court for a felony screening in June.

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