standing Wheeler middle high school

Grade 7

High Honors

Jane Ambrose

Anna Barber

Hayden Bresnan

Zane Brewer

Sophie Broderick

Abby Butremovic

Grace Cassata

Drew Deary

Isabella Deledda

Katheryn DelGrosso

Sophia Gouveia

Thatcher Grimes

Wyatt Hayes

Noah Klewin

Robert Lorimer

Anshi Patel

Nadia Ratib-Eixarch

Abigail Urgo

Hannah Wright


Samantha Abate

Chase Beattie

Grace Capalbo

Jack Dowrey

Leila Gagnon

Garrett Lenihan

David Levanto

Carissa Manfredi

Jonathan Nave

Mason Perkins

Cameron Rivet

Addison Stanley

Jacob Stevenson

George Stewart

Grade 8

High Honors

Ellen Anderson

Jon Anderson

Leah Cleary

Jaustin Gudbrandsen

Katelyn Pierce

William Raggon


Gavin Arruda

Sean Bergel

Naomi Boord

Keiran Boscoe

Wyatt Elliott

Rylee Kenny

Jayson Krysiewicz

Haley Kumpf

Stella Mastroianni

Paige Mayne

Jackson Miner

Jaiden Peterson

Nicholas Picard

Khalil Rose

Benjamin Slitt

Rose Tardiff

Madison Wagner

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