standing Wheeler middle high school

Grade 9

High Honors

Cameron Gouveia

Justus Hopkins

Emma Hundt

Matthew Pierce

Timothy Robarge


Matthew Barrs

Marcos Bokel

Michael Caster

Grant Colsen

Samuel Fatone

Karyna Fowler

Eric Henderson

Ellen Kappes

Hunter Lacerte

Zoe Mayhew

Katelyn Melinosky

Michael O'Gara

Andrew Patrick

 Madison Perkins

Emmanuel Peterle

Leah Pion

Faith Thompson

Ute Zeeman

Grade 10

High Honors

Mitchell Ashton

Molly Butremovic

Breanna Lawton

Tyler Lawton

Juliona Martens


Marissa Bergel

Sean Boldt

Amarie Bransford

Benjamin Dobley

AnnMarie Dussault

Olivia Elliott

Ruy Fernandez-Autran

Kylie Groves

Abigail Hare

Jessica Johnson

Lukas Jones

Ava McSwain

Jacob Neddeau

Laura Robert

Julie Rudd

Alden Rustici

Macayla Schramm

Magnus Smith

Jan Sostre Lopez

Samuel Taylor

Thomas Thompson

John Tillinghast

Liam Warren

Grade 11

High Honors

Dylan Davino

Rylin Fowler

Amanda Regine

Lauren Rockwell

Daniel Schroeder

Ian Spracklin

Malcolm Thompson


Bowen Baker

Diego Barajas

Olivia Bossie

Aidan Cameron

Clayton Carini

Michael Carroll

Samantha Caster

Daniele Crowley

Joseph DeMarco

Kaleb deMello

Ethan Foberg

John Gomes

James Heath

Qing Hensley

William Hundt

Molly Joe

Savannah Johnson

Anton Karam

Sophia Lamphere

Connor Melinosky

Cameron Reyes

Bridget Riggins

Kayden Rose

Justin Veal

Grade 12

High Honors

Nolan Arruda

Savannah Galluci

Ryan Hare

Lanette Hernandez

Kara Johnson

Seth Jones

Valerie Knowles

Christian Kosztala

Seth Kosztala

Samantha Mihalko

James Tuttle

Jordan Williams


Grace Anderson

Tyler Banks

Shelby Coombe

Roland Long

Stephanie Mullen

Zachary Munzer

Hannah Naccarato

Jessica Neddeau

William Patrick

Bryce Reck

Jeremy Ritchie

Lydia Robert

Daniela Roy

Alec Rustici

Sarah Spracklin

Michael Warren

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