Urgo to run again

Mike Urgo

NORTH STONINGTON — First Selectman Michael Urgo, who recently said he wouldn't seek a second term, announced Wednesday that he had done some soul searching and changed his mind: He will be a candidate for reelection in November. 

“I didn’t want to leave the town in a situation where I just wasn’t sure, so I said I wasn’t planning to run,” Urgo said. “The parties would have had time to find candidates, and they’ve been working on it as I know they would anyway.”

“Taking a little more time and reflecting and really looking at what we’ve accomplished, I’m excited to step back up and do it again,” Urgo said. 

Urgo noted that he had run two years ago at a time when he was chairman of the town's School Modernization Project, after helping to found a group called North Stonington Concerned Citizens. He also helped to state the town’s NoStoFest with some other residents.

“I just felt like since nobody else was stepping up last election, I just didn’t want to see that happen,” he said.

There were immediate challenges when he first got into office: The town budget still hadn't passed, he noted, and a petition against the school project required a revote.


“It was pretty crazy the first four to six months,” Urgo said. “But by the same token, I had a comfort level with how government operations work, and I’ve been to hundreds of meetings.” And he found out that he had a lot of support. “Sometimes you just don’t realize that, but apparently a lot of people are very happy with what’s going on.”

Having served on two school building committees, Urgo said he believes that good schools are vital – "kind of the heartbeat of the community.”

Urgo, who owns an insurance company in town, said his background has been mostly in finance. He has a communications degree from the University of Rhode Island and an associate’s degree in business management from the Community College of Rhode Island. 

In the last election, Urgo ran as an unaffiliated candidate but had the endorsement of both the Democratic Town Committee and the Independent Party, and defeated Asa Palmer, a local farmer. He said he still doesn't consider himself to be a politician.



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