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NORTH STONINGTON — Over the past decade, Daniel Spring has been a familiar face on the town’s Board of Finance, providing consistency and stability while helping to establish an undesignated fund and move forward important infrastructure projects including school renovations and the construction of the North Stonington Center for Emergency Services.

Spring’s guidance has been instrumental to the town over the past 10 years, First Selectman Michael Urgo said, and has been critical in positioning the town to continue to have financial success well into the future.

“When he first began his tenure on the Board of Finance, the town had nearly no undesignated reserve fund,” Urgo said. “Through his leadership as chairman, we have built a healthy undesignated fund balance to 15.5% of our annual budget. That wouldn’t have happened without him, and that’s just one example.”

Spring, a financial adviser and Republican who first joined the Board of Finance in 2010, was feted Tuesday evening by members of the Board of Selectmen, State Sen. Heather Somers and State Rep. Greg Howard during a surprise ceremony at the board’s last meeting of the current term Tuesday night at the North Stonington Education Center. The longtime volunteer and member of the North Stonington Republican Town Committee was present to receive the honors, which included both local and state citations thanking him for his service.

During his time with the Board of Finance, Spring was a proponent of balanced spending and led initiatives to implement several financial policies designed to improve oversight and help set the town on track for steady, sustainable growth. Under his leadership, officials said the town was able to achieve an A1 credit rating.

He was also an essential member of both the School Modernization Committee and Center for Emergency Services Building Committee, Urgo said, and his ability to reach across the aisle and communicate with the public helped to gain the support necessary to move both projects forward.

Spring said Tuesday that he was fortunate to serve, and although the job was one that often demanded he commit a good deal of time over the years, he felt privileged to have had the opportunity to serve. He thanked his family for their continued support and understanding, and praised other members of the Board of Finance for their dedication in serving next to him.

“I need to thank the town and Board of Finance members, both past and present,” he said. “They’ve been there, they’ve been diligent and they’ve been committed to the effort. Things that make a difference don’t happen overnight. It takes time and they all put the time in to make it happen.”

In presenting Spring with a citation from the state legislature, Somers and Howard each praised his efforts, saying that the length of the budget meetings in the past year alone showed how willing Spring was to dedicate the time to make sure the job was done right.

Somers discussed the amount of time needed to serve, and also thanked Spring’s family for allowing him to be such an integral part of town operations and government for so long.

Both Somers and Urgo also told Spring that no matter who steps up to take his place, his skills and ability to work across both sides of the aisle for the community will be missed.

“Under your leadership, the tax burden has remained low and we have been able to maintain a good quality of life,” Urgo told him during the presentation. “You have led the Board of Finance well, and we have been fortunate to have you over the past decade.”

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