NORTH STONINGTON —The North Stonington Republican and Democratic town committees endorsed chosen candidates for the upcoming town election at their caucuses Thursday evening.  

The Democratic Town Committee has endorsed incumbents Mike Urgo for first selectman and Nita Kincaid for selectwoman. Former selectman Mark Donahue was chosen to run for town treasurer. 

 The Republican Town Committee nominated Republican committee chairman Brett Mastroianni for first selectman and incumbent Robert A. Carlson for selectman; Will Mason was chosen to run for town treasurer.

 Carolyn Howell was chosen by Democrats to run for the Board of Finance and Connie Berardi was chosen for an alternate position. They will be running against Republican-endorsed candidates Daniel Smith and Anne Aikan. 

 The Democrats are endorsing Darren Roberts and Stephanie Mastroianni  to run for the Board of Education. Republican-endorsed candidates are Phil Mendolia and Alex Karpinski

 For the Board of Assessment Appeals, the Democratic committee nominated Paula Woodward. Candy Palmer is the Republican-endorsed choice.

 For the Board Economic Development,  Democrats are endorsing Karen Nicole Porter and Jennifer Anderson, with Anthony Mazzella chosen to run for alternate. The Republican committee nominated Will Mason and Brett Mastroianni for a full term, Stefan C. Grufstedt to fill a vacancy,  and Jennifer Strunk as alternate.

 Connor Yakaitis, Mark Leonard and Connie Berardi are the Democrat-endorsed candidates for the Planning & Zoning Commission, and Kate Roschmann is the Democratic choice for alternate. They will be running against Republican-endorsed candidates Louis Steinbrecher and Edward Learned for full-term positions, Asa Palmer to fill a vacancy, and Robert Kappes for alternate. 

 Breeze Floyd and Joan Kepler have been endorsed by the Democratic committee to run for the Zoning Board of Appeals and Toula Balestracci will run as alternate. The Republican committee has endorsed Shawn Murphy and Bruce Smith for full term positions and Colleen Thompson as alternate.

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