1120 REG eversource map

Eversource introduced a new mapping system this week to keep its customers better informed about power outages. 

The “state-of-the-art” outage map is intended to permit customers to zero in on details related to power failures affecting their home or business. 

From their phones or other devices, customers can view up-to-the-minute outage information, including the number of customers affected, the time and cause of the outage, and an estimate of when power will be restored.

Customers can also report an outage, using new features on the enhanced map.

“We routinely engage with our communities and customers to see how we can improve their interaction with us, and the enhancements to our outage map are in direct response to requests for more detailed information during a power outage,” said Penni Conner, senior vice president and chief customer officer for the utility. 

“Our new interactive map provides our customers with the critical and detailed information they value most — particularly how long an outage will take to repair,” she said.

Eversource launched the first phase of an improved notificaiton system in December 2016; it gave customers outage information and updates via text, email, or phone. 

Jason Vallee