WAKEFIELD – Bah humbug! Even the most hard-hearted will find it difficult to keep a smile off their face when that holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, comes to the Contemporary Theater Company stage in Wakefield Dec. 6th – 22.

Adapted by local musician, theater-maker, and teacher Matthew Fraza, who also plays Ebenezer Scrooge in the production, this is the first time that the Contemporary Theater Company is staging 'A Christmas Carol.'

“'A Christmas Carol' encourages us to celebrate this magical season when empathy, kindness, and hope find renewed strength to bind disparate communities together as one,” says director Charlie Santos. “I can think of no better way to participate in this magic than to gather at the theater and enjoy the frills and thrills of this classic story as told by your friends and neighbors.”

The adaptation is faithful to the original featuring all your favorites like the Fezziwigs, the spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, and the Cratchit family. The show also features traditional carols sung throughout.

“In the spirit of Christmas, we wanted our production to bring people together,” says stage manager and Contemporary Theater Company General Manager Maggie Cady. “We’re working with actors we’ve known for years, actors who we have worked with on shows with GEAR Productions, and kids from our classes through the years. It’s amazing seeing everyone come together for some spectacular performances.”

While the story may be familiar, there are a few surprises in store in the production.

“Our Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is played by trumpeter Jenny Collins,” says Cady. “It’s simply incredible and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

The cast includes Jenny Collins, Matthew Fraza, Dennis Harvey, Ezra Jordan, Laura Kennedy, Ashley Macamaux, Rich Morra, Neil Motta, Phillip Reilly, Winfield Swanson, and Valerie Tarantino with two rotating casts of children including Anna Blaney, Sabrina Blaney, Zoe Boulmetis, Nehven Carvalho, Charlotte Ciano, Lu Culpepper, Alice Dunning, Lucy Dunning, Hazel Geremia, Josie Geremia, Gabe Gewirtz, Julian Gewirtz, Jozie Gladu, Abigail Licht, Gwen Lucia, Diyani Mitchell Sims, Oceanna Orlandi, Emma Riggs, and Alex Smith.

Tickets for the show are available on the theater’s website www.contemporarytheatercompany.com or by calling the Box Office at 401-218-0282.

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