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PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management will begin stocking pheasants to provide public hunting opportunities on select management areas throughout Rhode Island on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Stocking will occur twice weekly at most locations until early December and once weekly at other locations through the end of December.

Pheasants will be stocked at Carolina, Arcadia, Black Hut, Big River, Buck Hill, Durfee Hill, Great Swamp, Nicholas Farm, Sapowet Marsh, Simmons Mill and Eight Rod Farm DEM management areas. Department of Fish and Wildlife staff also will stock Durfee Hill, Eight Rod and Great Swamp management areas for the youth pheasant hunting season.

Pheasants will be stocked every week on either Friday or Saturday, but midweek stocking will occur on fluctuating days. Some stocking locations have changed, depending on pheasant habitat suitability. To locate pheasant stocking sites using the RIDEM Outdoor Recreation map, visit ridemgis.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html. Small game-check stations are closed for the 2021-22 pheasant season.

The pheasant hunting season begins Saturday and ends Feb. 28, 2022. Hunters 15 and older must be in possession of a Rhode Island hunting license and a game bird permit. Youth hunters 12 to 14 must be in possession of a junior hunting license and a game bird permit and be in the immediate company of a fully licensed adult 21 and older.

For a full list of pheasant hunting rules and regulations, visit dem.ri.gov/programs/fish-wildlife.

— Sun staff

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