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“As contenders descend, NH will be looking for substance,” in the Nov. 24 issue of The Westerly Sun, provides a glimmer of sun that promises to grow brighter as 2020 pulls out of never-never land. 

“Donald Trump is a terrible president. He is wrong for America” is right everywhere, not just New Hampshire, and perhaps the loudest comeback is what is not said. “I’d argue if I could” or “Tell me something I don’t know” might become popular idioms if they didn’t already exist. “What makes you different from the other candidates …?” Two immediate follow-ups:

1) How well do you brush-off and counter Mr. Trump’s childish nonsense? Heed this Mark Twain paraphrase caveat: "Never argue with a fool. He’ll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience." I think Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have all consistently demonstrated a rise-above ability, which of course assumes the Mueller investigation doesn’t take Trump out first.

2) What is your plan to confront climate change? ICYMI: On Oct. 7 the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) warned we have until 2030 (12 years) to urgently cut carbon emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change which, like quicksand, is beginning to consume us.  Our four biggest states have all recently suffered unprecedented catastrophic human and economic loss that was CCI (Climate Change Intensified): 1) California: Worst wildfires ever last month resulting in a "Paradise Lost"; 2) Texas: 2017 Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston & registered the highest amount of rainfall ever in the U.S.; 3) Florida:  2017 Hurricane Irma caused $50 billion in damages while evacuating the entire state, not to mention October’s Hurricane Michael that Florida’s panhandle could not handle; and 4) New York: 2012's Hurricane Sandy overwhelmed a flooded New York City, causing $32 billion in damages, with Sandy’s devastation felt locally here, devouring our Westerly coastline. 

Trump’s climate change response? 1)Paris Climate Change World Agreement walkout yielding the moral high ground to Iran, Russia and every other country in the world;  2) Appointing fellow climate denier, former coal lobbyist  Andrew Wheeler, to head the EPA after original EPA head Scott Pruitt departed under a cloud of 13 ethics violations & scandals swirling around him like the intensified hurricanes his destructive policies exacerbated; and 3) Choosing Black Friday to release the U.S. National Climate Assessment report, the work of 13 federal agencies, who commented: “Climate change will inflict substantial damage on US lives.” 

The incoming Democratic Congress is working on a Green New Deal to meet the urgent climate crisis. This energy transition offers many employment opportunities. Electricity generation: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2016 more people were employed generating solar power electricity than electricity generation from coal, gas & oil combined.

The current White House occupant lies every day trying to obscure, hide or prevent you from knowing about this, so the Democratic presidential candidate must effectively rise above.

Jay Lustgarten


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