standing letters

Being a Vietnam-era military police veteran, and having to become familiar with a .45 and an M16, I have found it unnecessary to touch either one since. I go trout fishing.

The disgusting ability to obtain semi-automatic weapons is unbelievable. What do you need an AR-15 for? To shoot a whole herd of deer, or to shoot a schoolroom full of kids? We have no need for these types of weapons. Why are they legal? Ask Donald Trump and the NRA.

Please vote for any form of gun control before a young killer comes to your school.

It’s not video games. It’s not heavy metal. It’s not the media. It’s not TV violence. It’s not bullying. It’s not armed teachers. It’s guns, period.

This year, more people have died from gun violence than have been killed in the U.S. military. Most of them have been students.

Bob Shea Jr.


The writer was in the U.S. Army from 1968 to 1973.