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Chariho High School. Sun file photo

WOOD RIVER JUNCTION — Chariho students have shown steady improvement in their advanced placement test scores since 2015, with 78 percent of students receiving scores of 3 or more out of a possible 5 in last May’s round of testing at the University of Rhode Island. 

In 2015, only 48 percent of Chariho students scored 3 or better on the AP tests. 

Superintendent of Schools Barry Ricci attributed the improvement to hard work by students and teachers.  

“Our commitment to high expectations for students, along with appropriate and timely supports, is relentless,” he said.

Chariho High School offers 23 AP Courses, for which students can receive college credit. The School Committee reimburses AP exam fees when students score 3 or better on the exams.

Chariho Principal Craig MacKenzie said the district was committed to setting high standards. “Our increased average reaffirms our belief that challenging students to high expectations in our most rigorous learning environment and providing them and our teachers with support leads to growth,” he said. “We are grateful to URI for providing us a testing environment that reflects the credit-bearing opportunity AP exams provide. Many of our AP courses outperformed the state average.”

Assistant Principal Andrea Spas noted that scores in many AP courses had improved compared to last year, in which 74 percent of students had scores of 3 or better.

“I am very pleased with the significant gains seen across a variety of AP courses compared to last year,” she said. “We have seen performance gains in U.S. history, studio art drawing, statistics, microeconomics, European history, English literature and composition, computer science principles, chemistry, calculus AB and biology.”

The number of students taking AP courses has also increased, from 161 in 2015 to 194 in 2019.

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