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First, a bit of Rhode Island history. Today’s history update is brought to you by Perennial.

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Now for some history. The Industrial Revolution in America actually began in Rhode Island with the development of Samuel Slater's water-powered cotton mill in Pawtucket. Interestingly, Pawtucket is also the home of the toy company Hasbro's headquarters. Tune in again tomorrow for another bit of Rhode Island history!


Now for some events. There’s more outdoor yoga tonight at 5:15. This is an evening yoga flow in the lush green fields of Historic Casey Farm in Saunderstown. Don’t forget a yoga mat, and be sure to register online on EventBrite, just search for Evening Yoga at Casey Farm.


For a virtual activity, there’s a bird-drawing class hosted over Zoom today. It starts at 1pm, and the bird of the week is a good one, Goldfinches! It’s hosted by the DPNC, and you can find out more on their website, DPNC.org.



Looking for a new gig? We’re here to help. Today’s Job posting comes from South County Hospital. They’re looking for a medical scribe. This person will be responsible for capturing detailed documentation for medical visits and procedures. Apply on their website, southcountyhealth.org.



Today we’re remembering the life of David Gabriele. David’s proudest achievement was his three loving daughters. Family was his top priority, and he made yearly trips to Italy where he was born. He enjoyed landscaping and masonry, gardening, and making wine during his trips to Italy. Thank you for taking a moment with us to remember and celebrate David’s life.

That’s it for today, we’ll be back next time with more! Also, remember to check out our sponsor Perennial, Daily Gut & Brain, available at the CVS on Main St. in Wakefield!

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